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Third Watch

Since 1999 Third Watch has been one of NBC's best unrecognized dramas. it follows the lives of the NYPD and FDNY in the 55th precinct during the 3-11 shift

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You can see new episodes on NBC on friday nights at 10 and every weeknight at 11 on cable channel A&E.

The cast of Third Watch



The cops of the 55 are Maurice Bosco Boscorelli, Faith Yokas, John Sully Sullivan, Ty Davis, Sasha Monroe, and Maritza Cruz

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the members of the FDNY are Kim Zambrano, Monte Doc Parker, Carlos Nieto, Jimmy Doherty, DK, Walsh, Joe Lombarto

Fallen Heros include Lt. Johnson, Bobby Caffey and Alex Taylor

Congrats on making it to 100 episodes...Many more to come! thanks to thirdwatchbosco01 from 3rdwatch.net for making this great banner

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